Informal wedding invitation

Informal wedding invitation
If you are a retailer, the luxury design of the invitations and your wedding will be a pleasurable activity. Or a toothache if you know how you want but the graphic luxury designer does not capture your idea. To make everything perfect you find a professional that offers a unique and comprehensive service.

There are of course the formal invitations , of which we'll talk soon on our special luxury wedding, but are not the style chosen by a majority of boyfriends. Not choosing a luxury design that completely away from the formal ballots text italic handwriting is absolutely necessary to have no style.

Although I'm going to win a reprimand from some parents and in-laws, the style of wedding you must define it: is your wedding. If formal invitations you think the best reflection of your idea as a couple, go ahead. There are very nice, are a classic and can also adapt to a more modern.

Are you a casual partner, young spirit, modern or hippie? Be adapted your lifestyle to the wedding. If you want you can do, is to convey that feeling to the whole wedding. But beware: informal does not mean childish and there is plenty of that in the catalogs of invitations.

They exchange ideas and desires, are outlined on paper and presented to the customer. The catalogs are only useful for you to see how the professional work you have chosen to come forward and give you ideas. The second meeting or the presentation of the models must be made exclusively for you.

The luxury designer must be involved in all aspects and details at 100%, you have to choose between models that have been developed only for you, no copies of previously developed idea. The final decision is yours and do not accept any that you are not excited: a unique invitation to tell your story. If more meetings are needed or new proposals, so be it.

here is a post-wedding detail than ever I miss: the appreciation. The traditional business card of the couple placed at the bottom of the cups on the table wedding banquet I do not like. Why not send a thank you and complicity with the card once you have returned from the honeymoon ? Relatives and guests are also heavily involved in a wedding. I hope that yours is a success.
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Weekend Story: Competition Cartier 'Travel with Style'

If I miss one day and see that I write, I'm in India . In any city in the north, or west ... even in the heart of Rajhastan. Although it is very likely that you are enjoying the most European city in India, Jaipur . And yes, in March would be in the International Competition organized by Cartier exclusive Car Travel with Style .

It is the second edition of this contest for a few days together collections most incredible classic cars in the country. The site chosen was the The New Delhi Jaipur Polo Club . Cartier signature and organized in 2008 Concours D 'Elegance at The Royal Western India Turf Club Mumbai . In this second edition look a step further. Maximum exclusivity in every detail.

Participants in this competition vary among the large Indian royalty , private collectors, business families, bringing together more than 64 historic vehicles that were shown for the first time last week. More than a competition, is a nostalgic reminder to the Maharajas and the country's golden era.

The categories in which the cars involved are the best car in the event, the most exclusive, the best preserved, the Rolls - Royce classic, Jaguar Classic, the best car after the Second World War, the best roadster ... Want to see images?
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Eternally Loewe, three limited editions of Perfumes Loewe honor the savoir-faire of the house

Do not be surprised if you discover these weeks new releases Limited Editions the fragrances most representative national and international designers. Approach both Father's Day and Mother's Day. Today we unveiled the new Eternally Loewe for the month of April.

Loewe has designed a special Air Loewe, Esencia Loewe and Loewe Pour Homme. Move your expertise in skin Tailoring the material unique packaging of three vessels. A sac-like sheath for men's fragrances and skin based on the female.

The leather pompom decorating the Loewe Air cap is cute and chic. Look at the name of the fragrance and logo printed on the covers of Essence and Loewe Loewe Pour Homme: the result of embossing technique. Capacities are generous: 150 ml. and 125 ml. Faithful to these current and classic fragrances while they're lucky.
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Hermes luxury design gifts for newborns, have to play

Think newborns is ever anything touching. At minimum I can believe now that that my friends are filling their lives with mini-smiles. whether you're looking for a particular luxury design gift but do not know what to opt, I suggest four luxury design gifts Hermes.

The typical wooden steed is ever a hit. And whether a firm that has its motivation in the equestrian, the conjunction is ideal. Made of beech wood includes a leather strap. Its magnitude, 29 × 15 cm.

Sure numerous of you apostais by classic Teddy. Me too. The magnitude of this is 28 cm. Warm, with orange accents to not forget the origin of the firm and a wish to hug just seem at it.
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Submission Study IX overall real estate in the world

Submission Study IX overall real estate in the world
If you can read in full the Study IX overall real estate in the world, I recommend it strongly. It is a real lesson in the world in which we live. Is a study 250 brands in the world that shows the recovery of the sector in a clear: by 2011 is projected to increase by 7%. In the United States will by 12%.

Maria Eugenia Girón told us recently, "China will be the fastest growing market in the coming years. It will become the motor industry“.

Claudia D'Arpizio, Spokesman for the consultant Altagamma 2011 also is blunt in saying that in 18 months has gone from a very bad time to almost paradise. However, in large firms, in the most exclusive, the best product to join the shopping experience.

The group Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton turnover was 72.7% more (3,032 million euros of profit) Gucci won nearly 18% more Hermés 46% (421 million). Figures give us an example of why campaigns this spring are being so amazing, so different, so back to class as we knew it exclusive.

While we have clearly China is the engine of world class, India is growing homeless Russia is a bipolar market (hard to get consumers to firms but very powerful) also binds BrazilIn 2010 the estate grew by 20% South Korea, An emerging market that where firms test their products (estimated at 5,500 million market). We can not forget UAE, Where now join all markets.
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New Luxury Design Carolina Herrera boutique in Paris

New Luxury Design Carolina Herrera boutique in Paris
Resenabamos I had not opened a new luxury design boutique. Until today. The opening coincided with the end of the Fashion Week Paris, And since then we can enjoy almost 1,000 square meters of fashion and accessories in an area known for its boutiques are most apartments. This new French, full of light with its six windows. The Limited Editions almost always accompany these events, so Carolina Herrera has created a unique luxury design shopping bag bright, very Paris, painted by hand with a small map of the city, exactly the area where the boutique.

In the words of the designer herself,

We have waited years to get the right location, so when the opportunity arose to Rue Castiglione, do not hesitate. Our shop captures all the magic of the city and reminds me of my many trips to Paris when I was little, shopping or just exploring every corner. Via
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Dine at El Bulli, my dream fulfilled (II): 2011 tasting menu

Dine at El Bulli
I've lastly originated the ideal Sunday afternoon to sort photos of the dishes elBulli tasting menu I promised. So many! "We went to the table?

The menu is written you see in the major photo. Numbered and signed by Ferran Adrià. Do not believe that the signature is printed, all the details at El Bulli are authentic. The table, pure white. And it begins in synchronized choreography dancing room managers, waiters, somewhere, Plates and bottles.

Imagine that for bad luck the day you have reserved table in the restaurant is not in the temper. With the couple of dishes, cocktails that shall serve you draw a watermelon smile in a flash. In the photo over, "Cocktail on a cushion" at the bottom, "Flute and apple mojito“.

Both slightly drunk, soft and melts in the mouth. I would love to describe all the details but the post would be lengthy. Any questions you please me, I'll be glad to reply in comments.

Here come some appetizers:Pistachio ravioli"," Porras parmesan "and" Parmesan Macaron. " The ravioli are among the dishes that the sustenance has a liquid consistency, explodes when the delicate parcel insert it into the mouth. Since I am a Unconditional cheese I left the plate clean.

The Italian cheese clubs the crunch level. The macaron parmesan, very delicate in both taste and spongy texture. Dark ruddy, the "Hibiscus and peanut stick"Was one of my favorite savor contrast.

The next week I'll conversation approximately the recreation dishes, Produced primarily with hare, desserts and distinct design of the dishes sculpture. Before leaving, I would like to mention to the "Won-ton of roses with ham and water melon". I do not know what reminiscence is more durable: the reek or taste. But yet I have the savor of whole thing you see in the picture above.

The won-ton triangles are made with rose petals and dense with a gelatinous element ham. Interestingly, it clearly smelled roses when you leaned above the plate but once in the mouth dominated the taste of ham. Makin 'Magic! Water melon, deeply aromatic, had drunk the bottom of my cup and the friends who accompanied him. The overall was a scrumptious novel melon with ham.
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